Thursday, October 15, 2009

the other league

at this point you can't even call the UFL the "other" league because it's such a joke. nothing UFL seems serious, it's all minor league. even the XFL started stronger, and actually had a few good ideas that were later implemented in the NFL. so I've watched some UFL (because I've got Versus and HDnet) and I've also watched the Showtime documentary series Full Color Football (about the old AFL.) I'm glad both of these programs happened at the same time, watching the inception, and history of the AFL in contrast to the upstart UFL makes it blatantly obvious that the UFL will be closed for business sooner rather than later. the UFL won't last a decade (will it last a whole year?) and won't merger with the NFL. so why are they doing it? I learned more about Lamar Hunt (and Al Davis) than I ever knew, and have a much greater respect for Davis than I ever had before (already a big fan of Hunt) but I see nothing like this in the UFL. it's a sad reality program that's not going to get picked up for a second season. UnFL? looks like it

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