Thursday, October 1, 2009

How 'bout an Official 2009-10 NHL Season Preview, eh?

What's up, hosers.

The 2009-10 NHL season kicks off tonight on Versus. As a proud DirecTV customer, I don't have Versus anymore after those two dropped gloves. "Dropped gloves", get it!?! (O'Neal - two minutes for being stupid). Here is the actual transcript from that meeting:

Versus: We want more money.
DirecTV: You suck for what we're paying you now. We're done. GAME OFF!!!

Therefore, no more Versus. I'm just like so T.O.ed because I won't be able to watch tonight's unbelievable doubleheader action:

Game 1
I Don't Know vs. Not Sure

Game 2
Not the Stars vs. Somebody Else

Truth be told, the only time I'll see any non-Stars hockey players on Thursday night is if they guest star on The Office or Always Sunny. Nevertheless, here are some kick ice hockey predictions for the 2009-10 NHL season:

  • I will hope the Stars win the Cup
  • They won't
  • The outdoor game will be cool
  • "Minnesota Wild" will continue to be the worst name in the big four sports
  • AAC will be cold
  • Ice Girls will be hot
  • Hockey played 30 minutes outside of Phoenix, Arizona will continue to fail
  • Ribeiro will have at least 3 Oh $h!T! YouTube moments
  • More Razor on the Ticket will be good
  • Trent will make Wayne Gretzky's head bleed for Super Fan #99
  • Red Wings will go to the playoffs
  • A capacity crowd will not
  • I will check out Hully and Mo

So Go Stars!!! Catch those Predators on Saturday!!! I'm not gonna research this, but I assume great seats still available...

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Creth said...

now that I am a hockey fan I'd like to say "Go (hockey) Oilers!"