Thursday, September 10, 2009

looked at NFL uniforms lately?

seriously one of the best writers on and probably my favorite NFL column every year


Rosser said... awesome.

Can't wait for the old AFL uniforms. He's right, it's so much cooler when both teams are wearing them.

I'm most looking forward to Pat the Patriot. I also wanna find out what's goofier, these highly touted vertical striped Bronco socks or the extremely unstable Texans helmets, featuring a state outline and star over Dallas, that the Chefs will be donning.

Creth said...

did you see the other Pats' helmet? never seen that one before but still love Pat the Pat

what do you mean unstable? I love the old Texans logo, might buy me a hat!

Rosser said...

I hadn't seen that Pats helmet. Pretty cool too. But give me Pat.

It's a good look for sure, there are just some that make it less than stable. A team that has resided in KC for a long time now will be playing in a helmet with the state of Texas on it. Plus, there's another Texans now.

Creth said...

they're unstable cuz they existed somewhere else? Oilers... also the Tenn Titans took a name, a la Houston Texans, that had already been used (NY Titans, better known as the J-E-T-S)

I love that the Chefs were the Dallas Texans cuz we total pwn them. same goes for Houston taking the Texan name

Rosser said...

Yes dude. Not saying down with throwbacks. I heart throwbacks.

Simply saying that seeing the rib-loving fans of Arrowhead root for a team wearing a helmet with the state of Texas on it, including a star over the city I'm from, will look kinda weird.

Creth said...

I luv it as much as I luv Ben R sacks and Walmart breakfasts

Paul S said...

Did you see that the Chiefs will be wearing the jerseys @ Arrowhead when they play the cowboys. Awesome!!

Paul S said...

You guys never saw the Pats helmet from the '80s?

Creth said...

I saw that about the Dallas game, freaking awesome

we'd never seen the Patriots helmet that's white with the player's number and a blue hat

Creth said...

ps my sister met Charles Haley at NP, told her why he's awesome. haven't told her why he's not awesome