Friday, August 14, 2009

and I hate the effin' Eagles man!

Michael Vick will fail. He wasn't even that great before. Yeah, he ran for 1000 yds. So did a bunch of running backs. So did Eric Crouch. Quarterbacks are supposed to throw the ball and he pretty much sucked at that. I'd be kinda scared of him as a wildcat/slot WR/running back type, but he spent two years in prison where your only workout is bench press in the yard and your diet consists of fatty food meant to weigh you down. I can't wait until McNabb has his first 2 pick game and the retarded a-hole Philly fans start calling for Vick to be the starter...


Rosser said...

Nobody can handle troubled young men like Andy Reid!

(Pretty mean, but they cheered when Irvin was carted off with a neck injury...)

Creth said...


great pic!

Vick will play if McNabb gets hurt, I don't see how that's a bad thing for anyone? the Eags are screwed and there QB2B can't be happy! he just got replaced by a dog fighting enthusiast!