Friday, June 18, 2010

He good.

Originally posted 6.15.2009...

He's won 10 NBA championships in 19 seasons of coaching. He's won "one for the thumb". Twice. But there is one more campaign to complete. Phil Jackson needs #11, a.k.a. the "ring for the ding-a-ling".

UPDATE: He got it! What's the motivation now? Rename the Big 12 the Big Phil Jackson? That makes zero sense. We do need a new name though, and I haven't heard a good one yet...


Creth said...


one of my favorite mammal posts of all time

Creth said...

a year later-

seriously I'd like to go back to callin' it the Southwest Conference

joke names-
10 Angry Men
Pack 10
Big Ten
Tv Money
Football's #1
Baylor's Lucky
F Mizzou