Monday, May 18, 2009

4 Sport City 4 Life

Contracting the Rangers and the Stars? That's just stupid. Do you have any reasoning behind that or are you just throwing stuff against the wall?


Creth said...

there's absolutely no reason for this city to have an outdoor summer sport team when only dudes hopped-up on 'roids could survive the heat (fact) and I disagree with any hockey team being located in a completely non-hockey region/state/city.

I'll change my view of the Rangers if we win something/build a bad ass field in downtown with a roof on top (a la Minute Maid Park)

and I'll never change my mind about hockey. hockey sucks for life and should at least be in places where you can play it outdoors

Rosser said...

Hahahahahahaha that's not a fact!

The Rangers should not be contracted because it's too hot. Buy some sunscreen and bottled water. Or drink a cold beer.

I don't think the players mind being here as opposed to Minnesota. You shouldn't mind either.

Creth said...

I bet (and we have no real way of finding this out) that if you asked the players they'd say that most people don't wanna play in Texas/places where the heat's insane/facts are that we've had a lotta dudes admit to steroid use

hockey? they'd rather be in Minne just like the b-ballers would rather not be in Minne (remember when they were talking about KG going to Boston and saying that he'd rather go somewhere with a larger black population/warmer weather?? these are facts!)

Creth said...

anyway contraction would only make all leagues 100% better entertainment/higher level of competition

Rosser said...

Hockey players all love golf. They love it here.