Monday, March 9, 2009

Matt Mosley on why not to Facebook

"Some of my buddies have chided me for not signing up for Facebook. They talk about the ability to reconnect with long lost high school and college friends and how addictive it can be. For many reasons -- mainly because I worked so hard to disconnect from many of those people -- I've resisted their efforts.
But this morning, I have a completely new reason not to share my inner-most thoughts and desires in a public forum: The Philadelphia Eagles might try to have me fired.
Dan Leone was a rabid Eagles fan (like there's any other kind) who was living out a dream of working for the organization as a part-time employee. When the Eagles allowed Brian Dawkins to sign with the Broncos, the 32-year-old Leone fired off an angry message on his Facebook. It's the sort of thing you could get away with in a crowded bar in South Philly -- but not in Cyberspace."

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