Friday, February 27, 2009

The Deadskins Salary Cornucopia

Remember when Wayne opened that door at Mikita's to reveal a massive James Bond style war training room? That's how I feel about the Redskins salary cap. How do they keep finding room for these monster contracts? They sign DeAngelo Hall to a 6 yr, $54 mil contract (pretty large for a guy with alot of questions)...which turns out to be just the freaking Southwestern Egg Rolls to the monster Albert Haynesworth 7 yr, $100 mil Ole Timer with Cheese! Does anybody with the NFL actually check the cap?!?

From a Cowboys standpoint, I'm fine with this...except for one kick to the Cowboy balls that I'll get to in a second. I don't think Hall is that great. Giving him that much money is stupid. I hope it bites them in the ass when it's time to re-sign LaRon Landry. And Haynesworth? He looks like a great candidate to get fat and happy on this incredibly massive defensive contract. Which brings me to the kick. Between Haynesworth and the recent 3 yr, $45 mil deal for Nnamdi Asomugha, we are gonna have to pay D-Ware like 120 million dollars. D-Ware is triple awesome, but that's alotta $$$.

In related news, I heart year-round NFL talk...

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Creth said...

I too love the whisper of NFL transactions during NBA/NHL time, keeps me sane.