Monday, January 26, 2009

have you heard the one about the basketball game that ended 100-0?

I've got a lotta thoughts on this one so I'm just gonna start spillin' and stop whenever I tire. first the schools involved were both private schools, Covenent Christian and Dallas Academy. it was a girls basketball game. Covenent won. the media has made them out to be the bad guys, so much so that their coach was fired

my feelings-
*hopefully every "player" and "coach" associated with the Dallas Academy "team" have put away their basketball shoes for the last time. this was a message from God that you suck and are not talented at all.
*I'm not doubting that the Covenant team could have done something to not score so much but what would you suggest? seriously. anything you say will be stupid because the only way they weren't going to score and the DA girls were going to score would be if Covenant pulled every player off the court. stupid.
*crap like this only happens when girls are involved. I can recall to my high school days when our JV team beat the hell outta a Jewish school (historically bad at basketball dating back to their time in Egypt) a couple of weeks ago I attended a 9th grade boys game between Lake Highlands and Sunset. Sunset brought six players, all about seven inches shorter than the shortest LH player. the LH coach was an idiot and full court pressed almost the entire game. the final score was LH 110 - Sunset 11. the LH coach has SMD (small man's disease) but the Sunset coach should have forfeited the game if he wanted to save his team or himself from embarrassment (DA too should have done this) because if the winning team had forfeited they would have "lost" the game and that is just not fair and would be stupid. so the team that sucks should always forfeit if they're gonna cry about their ass beating. but notice how none of the other instances of this sort of thing happening in boys basketball ever made headlines. wonder why?
*the DA coach said on local television that they don't care about wins or losses. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOING SOMETHING THAT'S VERY EXISTENCE HINGES ON THE POINT OF KEEPING SCORE AND DEEMING A WINNER AND LOSER? any life lesson learned on the athletic "field" is learned under the weight, glory, agony, premise of winning and losing. you sir should be fired and hit on the head with a tack hammer because you are a retard.
what basketball are you coaching your girls if you don't care about winning and losing? did you ever tell them to shoot the ball to score???

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