Thursday, January 15, 2009


my point is that Michael Young has one. and he's being one. why leak this story? when has the greedy individual won out over the franchise? I was (sadly) a Ranger fan before Young got to Arlington and will be after he leaves. I'm sick of hearing that Young has earned some level of respect that we can only speculate (with good reason) that the Rangers did not give him. (have you ever been afforded such respect at your place of employment? not likely) as far as I know Young's not workin' for respect rather he's getting paid millions of dollars at a time in our nation, our economy, when we are (hopefully) sobering to the fact that we have puffed up our value to levels so fraudulent even Tetraodontidae (the blowfish) would look down on us. what the hell am I talking about? MICHAEL YOUNG, TAKE A PAGE FROM GREG ELLIS (though cynically I believe he'll be 'first' again once he starts up his favorite off season hobby- whinin') AND BE SECOND. or at least play second. Kinsler stinks and needs to move to the outfield

and don't take this as me taking sides with the team as much as I'm taking Young to task for being (at least right now) a media-whore/crybaby

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