Saturday, December 6, 2008

pinkies and pinky toes should be banned from football

so the Barbarian won't be playing tomorrow, I'm not as worried as the next guy. I think this forces the Cowboys to go into the game with their game plan, not a modified "we've gotta play a 'Pittsburgh' style game to win in Pittsburgh's notoriously bad weather on Pittsburgh's notoriously awful field" game plan. I might feel this way based on the Mavericks experience against the Warriors a couple of years ago in the playoffs, then again I might not. allz I'm sayin' is that we need to see the Roy E. Williams that can take over a game (subsequently allowing T.O. to get open) and we especially need T'Choice to play like he's got a pair. also I'd like to see our already great tight ends play even better, we all know they can, this is their chance to prove to everyone that Witten/Curtis/Bennett are the best blocking/receiving/looking tight ends to play the game of football. sorry Ditka.

and another thing- if the Steelers want to blitz as they usually do then we will have to punish them with our passing attack.


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