Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Heisman's kinda funny

Tim TeVo, Sam Bradford & Colt McCry head to NYC ...I don't even remember why they're going but Graham "Cracker" Harrell won't be joining them, though statistically he's as good as or better than all of those guys. oh well, screw 'em all. Harrell's a product of a system, TeVo's annoying in the way that Danny Wuerffel still gets under my skin, Bradford has a reservation to take care of and Colt. well, if you have to ask then you just don't know.


Chris said...

You've got to give ole Timmy a little credit. He got his stats in a conference that actually plays defense.

Creth said...

HA, the SEC is a joke. remember? TeVo lost to Ole Miss! hahahahahahahahahaha, you think any team in the Big 12 would have lost to Ole Miss? never