Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here's a Mavs trade idea. I'll save you the click: Brandon "The Animal" Bass, Diop and Stackhouse for Brad Miller.

I don't know how I feel about this. I do like Bass. He dunks a couple times a game and the crowd cheers and stuff, but I'm not sure how indispensable he really is. I wouldn't be afraid to include him in a trade that's good for the Mavs. But is this trade good for the Mavs? Miller's contract expires after next season, which fixes the cap a little. So I see this thing as trading Bass for erasing the mistake of signing Diop to the entire MLE this in the offseason. Making a trade like that just feels dirty, eh?

But what if it helps us get a stud in 2010? LeBron? Bosh comes home? Aren't we the team that couldn't even money whip Rashard Lewis? Wait, don't worry about that...

These rambling Mavericks thoughts were brought to you by a guy ready to leave work on NYE. Be safe...

...A bass is an animal. I just got that. Here's to killing less brain cells in 2009!

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Creth said...

I hate Brad Miller.