Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Longhorns / Aggies

The only thing wrong with Thursday night is there is gonna be a NFL game on too, which I probably would have watched. I like the Friday morning start.

Also, i'll be watching it at my parents house. Because my cousin's son plays for A&M, my mom wants to watch him play. She doesn't care about the result, she just wants to see him play well (just like a mother) and celebrates when he makes a good sacking Colt and forcing a fumble (see above, thanks google image search). I just had to sit there and take it. I got so defeated I switched to the Arkansas - LSU game. So when he makes a good play on Thanksgiving, just picture me sitting on the couch with my head down, contemplating suicide, while my mother celebrates.

It'll make you laugh.


Creth said...

lose to Baylor then tell me about suicide contemplation

Rosser said...

We "lost" to Baylor in 2004. We got our holy asses kicked by Baylor last weekend. Contemplate that...