Thursday, October 30, 2008

delayed NBA preview

first let me again apologize for talking NBA while we're in the middle of the NFL season but after what little NBA I've seen in the past two nights I think it's safe to say that I have this entire season figured out. observations are as follows-
maybe Philadelphia didn't find the missing piece when they acquired Elton Brand. officially not the team to keep an eye on in the East.
Toronto has a pretty underrated team. you will lose to them and think, "where'd that come from?"

Atlanta can only overachieve. Orlando will underachieve.
Dwyane Wade does not a championship make. well, at least not anymore. I don't care if he looks like his old self's twin brother, he cannot carry that team.
this will be the defining season of Mike D'Antoni's coaching career, either he's a genius or just another mustachioed man without an upper lip.
New Jersey will finish with forty-three wins and a shot at the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference. they will get knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. New Jersey is a forgettable team
Washington should move to Seattle.
Indiana's sneaky. very sneaky
Sacramento's worse than you think they are
Minnesota's as bad as you think they are
Milwaukee should trash the Christmas color scheme and then thank me for their change in fortune.
OKC won't be any better than they were in SEA.
Terry & the Suns would make for a fantastic musical group, only they're supposed to play defense = this is when everyone finds out how old Shaq is and how terrible Steve Nash is.
Pop's beard will be the difference maker in San Antonio.
I love the Grizzlies.
Houston might lose in the first round of the playoffs. or they might not even qualify
Utah has all of the right pieces, a good coach and just enough luck to make it to the Western Conference Finals where they will lose to the Lakers, who look as good as ever. chemistry = championships
speaking of chemistry, the Clippers are the new Nuggets. the Nuggets are the new Nets and I predict the Warriors will regret letting C-Webb get away.
New Orleans will do their best 2005-2006 Miami Heat impersonation. obviously this could lead to a World Championship
the Celtics will not repeat. Cleveland will not compete.
Chicago might make the playoffs but not because of anything Vinny of the Black did.
Portland will regret the day they drafted Elijah Price, otherwise they could have been the number four team in the Western Conference.
we've already been over the possibilities for the 2008-2009 Dallas Mavericks, which are only positive in the light of what's happening in Charlotte. eesh

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